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for the

Lonely Guys AM Net on Amateur Radio

The Lonely Guys Net meets
Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM on a frequency of 3875kHz.

The purpose of the net is fellowship;
we seek to support each other in our RF loneliness.

The first Session of the Lonely Guys Net took place on March 11, 2000.

Net control stations are:

  • W1ZZZ Peter (net founder)
  • WA1QIX Steve
  • W1VTP Al
  • KG2IR Nick
The Lonelyguys net has over 500 members as of this writing.

One of our members needs help !

Mike, W2NDB had a house fire. Mike is living on very limited funds, and was not able to afford homeowner's insurance.

From Clark N1BCG, who set up the gofundme page

Mike's home was recently ravaged by a fire, and while he and his pets were able to escape, thankfully, they are now living in his garage and faced with an enormous recovery task. Social Security and Disability payments as his sole income left Mike on a tight budget and without homeowner's insurance. The lack of power to his home has left him and his pets without running water except for a local samaritan who brings him a few bottles a day.

This is from Ellen AA2EC

Mike Lynch, a fellow amateur radio operator W2NDB has been a victim of a disastrous home fire. Mike is well educated in Amateur Radio, he loves the hobby and will go out of his way to help others get their equipment working properly, he is a real asset in this hobby! Mike is also a fun-loving man; he is an all-around wonderful person.

Mike has been disabled for many years. He is also the caretaker of his brother who lives with him and has a traumatic brain injury. Due to the heavy burdens of supporting both of them, Mike.s income is insufficient for him to maintain homeowner's insurance, along with other daily expenses that go by without payment. At the time of the fire Mike had 4 cats, three of which escaped, one was found hiding under a blanket, unfortunately deceased. Mike, his brother, and 3 cats are now living out of their garage with no running water, or electricity. At this time, they don.t have anywhere else to go.

Your contributions will go towards rebuilding his home, and helping them maintain a shelter throughout the summer for his brother and himself. We hope to have Mike & his brother back in their home by the end of 2021.

Mike & his brother are in need of many items. Mike can be contacted through the link below.

Thank you all for taking time to help a great family & fellow Ham!

73 Ellen AA2EC/VEC

Clark has set up a GoFundMe page for Mike: Link to the GoFundMe page

It would mean the world to him to help get the word out, or, if you know anyone in the Acra/Cairo New York area who is in construction who could lend a hand in getting a temporary electrical drop installed at his home.

The immediate goals are to:

1) locate an electrician in his area (Acra, NY) who can assist in getting his well pump connected to a generator

2) reach out to a builder or contractor to have a temporary electrical service set up outside his home so that he is not relying on a generator

3) contact the American Red Cross in Albany (nearest chapter) for them to assist

It's important to point out that Mike did not reach out to me, or anyone else, for help but in hearing of his plight and his very modest account of his very dire situation, I felt it was in his best interest to take action in every way possible. Any additional ideas or suggestions for helping a fellow amateur radio op are always welcome!