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Lonely Guys AM Net on Amateur Radio

The Lonely Guys Net meets
Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM on a frequency of 3875kHz.

The purpose of the net is fellowship;
we seek to support each other in our RF loneliness.

The first Session of the Lonely Guys Net took place on March 11, 2000. The Net was started by Peter W1ZZZ. The current Net Manager is Steve WA1QIX.

The Net has a Topic of the Day for each meeting. Net members check into the net, and the net control station calls on net members to make comments following the order in which they checked into the Net. Very distant stations or mobile stations are typically given priority.

The Pre-Net typically begins between 7:00AM and 7:30AM. Mark K1SRE usually conducts the Pre-Net, however other stations including Chris AJ1G, Larry NE1S, and others have also conducted the Pre-Net. The Pre-Net is a very important part of the Net.

We need net control stations! Being Net Control of the Lonely Guys Net is not difficult, however the Net typically runs for at least 2 hours, and often longer. There is a custom application (software) which greatly streamlines the process of Net Control. This software is free. Net control stations need to have a sufficiently strong signal to be heard fairly well across the typical coverage area of the net under normal band and operational conditions.

Contact Steve at

Net control stations are:

  • WA1QIX Steve
  • W1VTP Al
  • KG2IR Nick
The Lonelyguys net has over 500 members as of this writing.